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La Casa Tepoz es la casa de mis abuelos.

cheap Seroquel usa La Casa Tepoz has been a beautiful setting for many weekend trips for my extended family and large family reunions like my grandparents' big wedding anniversary celebration. I now live in San Francisco, CA but every time I got to Mexico City (where we are originally from) I try to get away from the hustle and bustle to this lovely part of the world called Tepoztlan (Tepoz for short). There are many benefits to Tepoztlan such as its perfect weather all year, the proximity to D.F. (Mexico City, 1 hr) so that you can get there easily and it is a little town with source HUGE charm set in the foothills of the Tepoztlan Mountain. Oh, did I forget to mention that there is an ancient pyramid on the Tepoz mountain? The charm of the mountains along with the cobble stoned roads and the colorful market, make Tepoztlan on of my favorite places on earth (I've been to >30 countries so that's saying a lot!).

follow La Casa Tepoz is a beautiful home which my grandparents have thoroughly enjoyed over the years and still use but to subsidize their expenses, they came to me to administer the rental of La Casa Tepoz and to market this Tepoztlan rental in the U.S. This Tepoz home consists of one master suite (yep my grandparents' bedroom) with a complete bathroom and its own fireplace, a guest's bedroom which shares the other full bathroom with the rest of the house, and a loft that can be used as a study but also has a pull out couch for the extra guests you'll be hosting. This Tepoztlan rental house is a beautiful master piece with adobe bricks and large rustic wooden beams running along the ceiling. Lighting in this Tepoztlan vacation rental is excellent with windows inviting the luscious garden and plentiful sunshine inside best exemplified by the cosy living room with tall windows surrounding the brick fireplace with is put to good use in chilly (for us Mexicans, nothing to do with Minnesota) evenings. This Tepoztlan property also boasts a formal dining room that has stained glass windows and rustic furniture matching the Mexican flooring tile throughout La Casa Tepoz. Since the Tepoztlan weather is so nice, most of the time we sit in a porch right outside the house where my grand parents have traditional Mexican garden furniture called equipales which are made of local wood and leather. We normally eat right outside as well in a large picnic style table where you can see the lovely "cocina mexicana" kitchen. The garden in my grandparents' tepoz house has become such a project that I venture to say that it rivals the house in beauty! There are vines, flowers, fruit trees covering this XXX sq ft property and, of course, no tepoztlan vacation rental would be complete without a pool.

This Tepoztlan rental vacation property is available for periods as short as one week and as long as multiple months. Please contact me, Rodrigo, to make a booking or if you have any questions.